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Removing harmful content
We reserve the right to remove the posted content of the author who in any way knowingly or unconsciously violates the normal civic standards or who in any way violates the legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia.

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Privacy Policy
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Pursuant to the law, the owner will, upon the reasoned request of the state bodies, provide access to the user data regardless of the terms of use published.
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Data we collect
Access to the website crobeds.com is free and no registration is required. By contacting the contact form or by e-mail, you fill out your information (contact, name, surname, address, and in the message text please indicate some details). Giving your personal information is voluntary. We do not process more personal information than we really needed to answer your query. You are authorized at any time to request information about which personal information we have in our electronic mail database and to request that all or some personal information be exchanged or deleted. You can do this by contacting us at info@crobeds.com at your request.

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